In an attempt to reduce the heating of the gastank and the heat flowing onto the rider's legs, several tricks have been tried. Yamaha has a retro-fit kit that adds insulation to the underside of the gastank for the bikes in places like Australia, where it gets very hot. The 2003 USA models appear to have this kit installed by the factory.

Data Point #1

Several US riders (including myself) have added additional insulation below the tank, of various types, and have found that it makes the gastank remain significantly cooler. Subjectively, anyway.

Data Point #2

One clever idea was to remove the lower "V" shaped piece of the fairing, right behind the front wheel. This guy used a Dremel tool to carve out an 8" on-a-side triangle. Unfortunately, this mod results in adding 1 bar to the temperature guage. Not a good thing.

Data Point #3

This mod, done by Kieth Goudelock of Tulsa, Oklahoma, seems to work without any rise in the FJR's temperature guage. NOTE: others have tried this mod and found it to measureably increase engine temperature as registered by the FJR's temp gauge. Try it at your own peril...

Keith writes:

He also wrote:

This photo shows how Keith marked the fairing piece before cutting (note the blue lines).

A close-up of the finished result.

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