For my Yamaha FJR1300 I selected a TourMaster Cortech mini-magnetic tankbag. It's made of Cordura ballistic nylon with heavy-duty large tooth zippers, a top flap internal organizer pocket, a non-glare plastic map pocket, a shielded magentic mounting system with protective non-slip, non-scratch mounting base, a nice carrying handle and shoulder strap, Scotchlite® 3M reflective striping and logo, 644 cubic-inch capacity (8 liters), and a raincover. The bag is expandable, but I always keep it in the more compact configuration.

I prefer the small tankbag because its easier to carry, and I can put the bulk of my stuff in the saddlebags. In the tankbag I carry my fuel mileage log, sunglasses and reading glasses, some spare fuses, Ducati touring candy (aka Ibuprofen), a pen, some change, a Valentine One, a Garmin GPS III+, and my cell phone.

The tankbag is powered via a Jastek Powerlet mounted in Panel D. When refueling, I can simply lift the bag, turn it 90 degrees in two axis, and set it down just ahead of the fuel filler cap. When I go into a resturant for lunch, I can quickly unhook the power, and carry it with me, thus removing from view all the neat stuff likely to get stolen from my bike.

I use the top flap pocket to hold the V1 (so it can "see" over the handlebars and instruments), and therefore I need something to help the bag hold its shape. I got this storage tray (shown in the photo above) from a Lowe's and cut one end off to make a support. It works great.

Here's what it looks like inserted into the tankbag. I don't use anything to keep it in place. The bag isn't terribly full when I use it, so the stuff inside is pretty easy to access.

The power cord comes into a small hole I cut in the bottom of the tankbag. I also run the power cord from the GPS into the tankbag through the same hole. For power distribution, I simply wired 3 SAE power connectors together and plugged them into the power cord. This gives me a spare power socket, in case I someday want to try riding with sound (MP3 or CD player).

The photo above shows the pockets in the top flap. I put the Valentine One in the middle pocket, and the power and remote display/headphone module in the upper pocket. They fit pretty neatly in there, and the V1 "sees" through the tankbag just fine.

With this arrangment, the V1 is completely out of sight, which has its advantages as you can imagine.

Here's how it looks when mounted on my FJR, with the top unzipped. The rectangular object with the coiled cord coming out of it is an 12db amplifier for the V1's headphone output which I got from Radio Shack. It's designed to boost the signal from a Walkman so that up to 3 sets of headphones can be driven. I use it to boost the V1's alarm signal so it gets through the 29db earplugs I always wear when riding.

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