Roger sent in the following text and photos showing some of the mods he's made to his Yamaha FJR1300. On 12/19/02 he wrote:

To create a surface to mount some of the items I like for long distance riding, I fabricated a 'dash' from 1/4" ABS plastic. I used existing holes for mounting the dash. The top of the dash is radiused to allow about 1/4" clearance when the windshield is in the lowest position. Mounted from left to right is a Radio Shack dual timer, Garmin 176 GPS, Valentine One visual display, and thermometer. Note the 12" LittleLite map light mounted on the left handlebar with the goose neck extending to the right handlebar in the rest position. Mounted over the steering head bearing cap nut is a CycleComm volume control for the radar detector.

The photo below is a view from the right side. There is a brace that extends forward and attaches at the bolt that holds the small access panel for the windshield mechanism. Mounted on the left handle bar is an enduro route planner from Touratech.

I have the Valentine mounted on the left panel (where the pocket is located on the European models). It is out of the weather and it's function is not significantly compromised. Mounted just behind the four-way flasher is the plug (CycleComm) for the audio to the helmet.

Mounted on the lower left panel are the controls and outlets for the dual Heat-troller. I like them in this location, but they are too close together. With my heated gloves on, it's a bit clumsy to operate the controls.

Still to be added are PIAAs, HID headlights, CB radio, fuel cell, Kisan tire alert and I suppose a few other items as necessity and imagination dictate.

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