Tom Barber provided this photo and text describing how he installed a RAM mount for a GPS V on his FJR1300. He wrote:

I ordered the standard kit for the GPS V from CycoActive. This kit included a U-bolt for a handlebar (but no base that could be bolted directly to the frame). It also included the cradle, the diamond-shaped part with a ball (to attach to the back of the cradle), and a standard 3 inch arm (measured ball center to ball center). Because I didn't want to use the U-bolt mount, I also ordered a ball mounted on a small base that was bent at a 45 degree angle.

The reason that I ordered the angle mount is that I thought it would help to clear the handlebar, but it turned out not to help there and a 1/2" spacer was still needed. But because the "stem" for the ball was not vertical and met the ball sort at the side of the ball, it interfered with the placement and positioning of the arm, compromising the "Z configuration" in particular. Additionally, the 3-inch arm turned out to be a little longer than ideal for the limited space: no matter what I tried, the GPS V always obscured my view of the indicator lamps.

I decided to try the "mirror base" and the shorter 1.75 inch arm. The mirror base with the vertical ball stem permitted much greater freedom of movement of the arm as compared to the angle base. The shorter 1.75 inch arm also permitted greater freedom of movement within the limited space. The utility of the 3 inch arm was better with the mirror base than with the angle base, but in the Z configuration the lamps were still obscured.

Using the 1.75 inch arm, the Z configuration worked better, but the view of the indicator lamps was still slightly obscured, and the shorter arm obviated the value of the Z configuration. The only drawback to the shorter arm is the obvious one, i.e., you can't get it as close to your eyes. (At my age moving things closer to the eyes doesn't make them easier see unless you're wearing bifocals.) With the shorter arm in a nearly vertical orientation it is as close as I really want it, and after I install the Lenkeradapters it will be another 3/4" closer.

A 1/2 inch spacer is the perfect length to clear the handlebar. The mirror base has an 11 mm hole which is obviously larger than the 8 mm bolt, but that is of no concern because the pair of stainless steel washers clamp it firmly. The bolt would ideally be 45 mm long (threaded part) but I couldn't find a stainless cap screw any longer than 40 mm. (When I install the Lenkeradapters I'll have to cut it shorter anyway.) I couldn't find a stainless spacer so I cleaned it thoroughly with solvent and then gave it a couple of coats with the spray paint, inside and out, top and bottom. The picture shows the shorter arm with the mirror mount sandwiched between a pair of (non-metric) stainless steel washers, and the 1/2" painted steel spacer.

The part numbers to get these parts from CycoActive are:

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