Photos of the stock Yamaha FJR1300 oil filter (p/n 5JW-13440-00), and some of the equivalent after-market filters. Simple enough. The reported "suggested list price" of the Yamaha filter is $8, though it appears that many dealers charge more than this, sometimes substantially more. After-market filters are generally priced much lower.

Here is some information about motorcycle oil filters, and oil filters in general, links provided by John Laurenson, a subscriber to the fjr1300micapeakcom mailing list. There's also an interesting oil filter expose page done by Toby Creek.

The Fram PH7317, reportedly a replacement for the stock Yamaha FJR1300 oil filter. This filter appears to be designed to hand tighten, and presumably remove by hand as well, because of the gritty rubber covering on the outermost end. It doesn't look like a filter wrench would fit, though a strap type obviously would work.

Brian Waletzko's photo above shows the new Yamaha oil filter box (now blue apparently, same filter though), plus a Purolator filter and a Pure One filter.

Other brands of oil filters which it has been suggested will probably work on the FJR include the following. Several subscribers to the FJR1300 mailing list at have reported good experiences using the Mobil 1 and Bosch filters:

NOTE: The OEM Yamaha filter is fairly concave, as you can see in the photo above. The filters above marked "reportedly will not seal" are not concave. They will screw on okay, but won't seal properly. Do not use them! They will leak oil and you will harm your FJR's engine.

Here's the oil filter wrench I use. I bought it at an auto parts store. It's made of some hard plastic, and fits perfectly on the OEM Yamaha filter. The 17mm projection on the end makes it easy to remove and to install the new filter.

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