John Hinton modified his FJR1300 to add Hella running lights, two relays, and both switched and unswitched power sockets as shown on this page. John's original page is at He gave me permission to post them here on 10/11/02:

The photo above shows the relay and conduit running under the dash.

The junction box and conduit running under the bar beside the battery box. Notice that I used jumpers on the junction box. 4 are ground, 4 are hot from the battery and 4 are 'switched' by a relay which powers up with the ignition.

Here is the relay for the running lights and the left end of the conduit running under the dash.

I drilled a hole for a cigarette lighter socket in the forward left side cover. This one is an 'unswitched' power source for my GPS.

This is the rear left side cover (notice the hazard button). I drilled and placed the switch for my running lights here. They are connected to 'switched' power. I also installed another lighter socket here which is also 'switched' power. This one is for charging and powering items in the tankbag and such. Cell phone, headset, CD player, etc.

This is a front shot of my Hella running lights.

This is the side view of the running lights. I used a mirror bracket purchased at a truck stop for the mount (the chrome part :o( ). I used lots of heat shrink to make up a nice harness. The plugs are hidded somewhat, behind the brake lines. Once I got up behind the fairing, I used flexible conduit so it would bend better when turning the handlebars.

Ready for the street! I like the extra conspicuity. The light also fills in just in front of the bike, helping to see those 'objects' in the road at night. So far, I've not been "bright-lighted" by oncoming traffic. I think I got the 55w lamps aimed right -- just below the low beam top cut-off point.

Here are the finished and installed side panels. Note I had a bad running lights switch and made the change to a toggle switch I had laying around. It took me forever to find this problem. Relay? Didn't get a wire right? No, dammit, it was the new switch! Thank you Radio Shack.