Here are some photos of different GPS mounting arrangments done by FJR1300 owners. Most seem to favor the Garmin GPS models III / III+ / V or the various models of StreetPilot.

Malcom McClaskey's color Garmin StreetPilot with hood, mounted on a TouraTech mount, attached to a High Gear silver stem-stand specific to the FJR1300.

Another silver High Gear stem-stand, with a Garmin mount for the StreetPilot. The stem-stand comes in several variations, including a larger mounting plate (2"x5" instead of the 2"x3" one shown).

A custom mount for a RAM GPS mount done by Tom Barber, and described in another Webpage here at micapeak...

A Garmin III+ mounted on a TourMaster mini-magnetic tankbag. This is on my personal FJR1300. I've got a Valentine One mounted inside the tankbag, and a power cord running to a PowerLet outlet on "Panel D" just above and behind the battery. o

Roger Van Santen's Garmin 176 GPS mounted on a home-made shelf above the dashboard.

Kevin Kretz's ball/socket pivot RAM mount, attached to the unused left mirror mount, with a Garmin GPS V mount attached.

Kevin's GPS mount from the rider's perspective.

Wally Kilburg's Garmin GPS V mount using a RAM ball mount custom attached to two of the bolts helping hold the handlebars on. 1 inch high spacers are used to keep the overall mount height where it needs to be, and use the 1/4" thickness of the mount to augment that. The stainless bolts are from McMaster Carr and are 30mm longer than stock. The mount is augmented to hold a Datel digital voltmeter.

Horst Schumacher's RAM mount for his StreetPilot, using a special mount like this shown in the small photo on the left. Horst had to modify the mount with an angle grinder to get it to fit into the space between the switch housing and the clutch perch.

A close-up of the mounting ball.

A photo showing how Horst runs power to his StreetPilot using a cord and a power plug mounted in "Panel A".

Clif Lines wrote: Here is a picture of the way I mounted my emap on the handlebar between the control switch and master cylinder. The space is not quite wide enough for the mount to fit on the bar, so one side is on the master cylinder bracket and the other side is on a spacer I made to keep the mount level. I wanted to try it this way first, before I bought another type of base. It seems to work fine for now.

As tall as the Yamaha tankbag is I wanted the GPS on the side somewhere so I could see both the dash instruments and the GPS. You can see the power cord from the Jastek jack going to my tankbag, a DC distribution box then feeds the emap, radar detector, MP3, and electric jacket.

Here is a photo of Clif's home-made power distribution box.

Stephen Hale's custom adaptation of a Garmin GPSMAP 176 to the FJR1300. He wrote: I'm using the Ezy Mount from Cycle Gadgets with a short RAM arm and a Touratech cradle. I'll be off-roading a bit with the GPS so wanted a stouter holder than the typical RAM one.

I think this mount may actually be too high but I can move the ball on the Ezy mount from the top to the side which would lower the whole thing about 2 inches.

A close-up of Stephen's setup, showing the details of the Ezy, RAM and Touratech mounts.

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