Someone mentioned not being able to see all that well because of large body frame/shoulders. I have the same problem being 6'5". Having a Yamaha FZ1, I noticed the mirrors mounted the same as the Yamaha FJR1300. The FZ is mounted closer in on a smaller fairing so they are longer. When I had the fairing off of the FJR to replace the battery I measured the bolts and found the same size/pattern. So, I switched them.

Now instead of seeing my shoulders in half of the mirror I have a very clear view of the road behind. I am very impressed with the amount of extra rear view I now have. First impression was that I had wings. It felt weird but the view I got quickly changed my mind and I got real used to it. On my recent Saddlesore 1000 it was great. For the most part people have no idea whats been changed, unless your sitting next to another FJR.

As the pictures below will show, the new ones are pretty much on the same level as the old, just wider. They are only slightly wider than the bags meaning if you don't hit the mirrors the bags will make it. The stats are:

About 3" on each side. I found a pair on eBay from a guy who put bar end mirrors on his FZ1 and I got them about half price. ($60 vs $120)

Stock mirrors

FZ1 mirrors

I have the left one set slightly outward to see more of the upcoming traffic and the right set a little in to see more behind me. The combined photos above (love that Photoshop) show the differences better.

And if you're worried about storage space or have a garage like Silverbullet's, you can just fold them up. The FJR mirrors also fold but I think that because they are so much shorter they are harder to move and I think a lot of owners don't even know they fold yet. The FZ1 on the other hand folds easily probably because of the extra length and most FZ1 owners know this from day one.

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