Wally's Dyno Runs


By Wally Kilburg, submitted 5-Feb-2004.

Here are two runs of my 2003 model Yamaha FJR1300 on a new Dynojet while I messed with the maps in a Power Commander III trying to get an ideal air/fuel ratio across the entire RPM range.

The run above is an SAE corrected run and shows the run prior and the run after some adjustment. I was using mostly the A/F ratio as my guide, playing around really.

The above is the same run as in the first one but switching to a "standard" correction factor, i.e. the same run with the same data but applying different correction factors.

I got good power and the torque curve is so flat its almost astonishing. The throttle response on the dyno is excellent through the gears, no glitches but that's on a dyno turning a drum, not the road. I want to ride this mapped version on the road before committing to any one map. But like I said, I really like the Dale Walker map and I'm going to load that one and run with it next week.

I've got lots of snow here now, and more coming tomorrow, so it will be some time before I can test on the road. I also have a stock FJR with no mods waiting in the wings and just might get that one over to the dyno room for a test comparison next week as well. I would have liked to have mine as a base before the exhausts and PC-III but I was way too impatient for that. Bill is going to put Staintunes on his and wants a base run before that and adding a PCIII. So I'll have more charts soon...

-- Wally

Copyright © 2004, by Wally Kilburg and H. Marc Lewis. All rights reserved.