This page has links to a series of checklists which combine the emission control system and general maintenance and lubrication schedules from the FJR1300 Owners Manual. Note: the FJR1300 SERVICE MANUAL with the white cover is missing a bunch of service items, apparently the version with the blue cover is correct. They both have the same part and edition numbers.

The schedule in the owners manual only goes to 20,000 miles, and tells you to repeat the 4,000 schedule for the 24,000 schedule, and so on. That, however, doesn't work out for things like the oil filter change, which isn't required at the 4,000 mile service but is required at the 24,000 mile service. My charts show the correct items, without making that mistake.

Click on the mileage below, and you will be taken to a Web page which lists the maintenance items which should be performed at that odometer reading or number of months. FYI -- the maintenance intervals for the European and Australian FJRs are about 50% longer than ours: 10,000 km versus 4,000 miles.

If you are Canadian, there is also a page using kilometers instead of miles

Because I expect that some riders will put serious mileage on their FJR1300s,
I have entended the schedules to the quarter million mile mark. I also dropped the years suggestion, as folks in this range are probably far exceeding Yamaha's standard 8,000 miles per year.

If you've put over 250,000 miles on your FJR, you can certainly figure out how to continue on from here. Good luck and ride safe!

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