I decided to duplicate Dick's stand idea, and build one for my Yamaha FJR1300. The photo below shows the parts I bought at a local Home Depot for about $35. It is all 3/4" I.D. black iron water pipe (made in China, BTW).

These were all off-the-shelf parts. Ideally, 4'6" uprights might work better than the 5' ones, but the extra height is probably okay.

It took about 5 minutes to assemble the parts like this. I got all the joints fairly tight except the ones attaching the feet to the uprights. I left those loose enough to pivot as shown (for ease of storage).

The finished result.

You can see that mine is quite a bit taller than Dick's. This turns out to be useful if you use this stand during the throttle body sync or sparkplug change. In that case, you can unbolt the gastank and use a tie-down to suspend it in a level orientation under the stand. That way, if you have only a little fuel in the tank, you can still start and run the engine (necessary for the throttle body sync). By tilting the gastank back on its rear pivot, you may not get any fuel flow if the tank is almost empty.

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